Friday, April 8, 2011

Scholarships - April & May Deadlines

April Deadlines-
April 15         William J. Cook Scholarship MALES ONLY!* ($1,000-$5,000)
April 15         2011 Hamilton Award and Leaders Academy for Juniors ($500 and up)
April 15         Illinois Education Foundation: Signature Scholarship for CCC  (Unmet Need )
April 15         Illinois Education Foundation Scholarships for CCC ($1,500/yr)
Mid-April       QBG Scholarship Foundation for Historically Black Colleges ($10,000 or more)
Mid-April       Community Services Block Grant Scholarship ($1,000)
April 16         Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholarship ($2,500)
April 22         CEF Engineering Student Incentives Award ($800)
April 30         Darius A. Felton Scholarship  ($500)
April 30         Karen Lynne Harris Memorial Scholarship Zeta Zeta Chapter FEMALES!* (Amount Varies)
April 30         Merck Respiratory Will to Win Scholarship (ASTHMA?) ($5,000)

May Deadlines-
May 2           IHLAEF Scholarship ($1-5,000)
May 16         Nordstrom Scholarship Program (FOR JUNIORS!)($2,500/yr)
May 23         Better Boys Foundation (FOR MALES! )($2,500-$5,000)
June 1           Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards (Amount Varies)
Unknown          Cosmo Beauty Supply Scholarship ($1-3,000)
Unknown          Washburne Day-in-the-Kitchen Scholarship ($1,000)*

*indicates that social security number is not required.

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