Monday, September 12, 2011

Welcome Back! September-October Senior Checklist

Welcome back to school senior class of 2012 and congratulations once again to all of our subscribers from the class of 2011!  It was a very moving experience to see you all graduate and we look forward to hearing from you.

As you have noticed the the College-Career Resource Center has moved and our blog has not been active this summer.  We are now located in room 112 (former attendance office) and you will once again start getting emails with scholarships and college-related resources.  We hope our absence has not stopped you from your scholarship and college search.

To begin with, below is a checklist for action items every senior should make sure to have completed by the end of October, to ensure plentiful college opportunities this year.

September-October Senior Checklist

[]  Meet with Mr. Rios in the  College-Career Resource Center (room 112) to discuss my plans after high school.
[]  I know my current GPA and ACT score as well as the requirements  for each college/trade school I am applying to.
[]  Identify five colleges or postsecondary schools that would be a good fit for me.
[]  Sign up to take the ACT for a second time.
[]  Complete a first draft of my personal statement.
[]  Attend the Kelvyn Park College & Career Fair in October.


[]  Complete an early decision/early action application to my top choice.
[]  Maintain involvement in some extracurricular/volunteer activities.
[]  Apply for a FAFSA PIN number and remind my parents they will need to file taxes for my FAFSA this year.

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