Thursday, March 8, 2012

Alexander Hamilton Citizenship Achievement Award (Due Mar 14th)

The 2012 Hamilton Award Application Now Available for High School Juniors!

Due March 14th, 2012

Who is eligible?
A Hamilton Award Winner…

• Is a Junior in high school.
• Is college bound.
• Has a strong record of community service.
• Shows a strong commitment to their academic studies.
• Is a self-starter and has proven this through activities such as: organizing a fundraiser, starting a business, creating a club or organization or working to help support their family.
• Shows passion and commitment to their interests. This is often manifested in athletic, artistic or academic achievements.
• Has financial and/or personal need. Hamilton Friends serves students from low-income households. When choosing our winners we take the applicant's financial, family and community situation into consideration.
• Is committed to enrolling in the Hamilton Leaders Academy.

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