Saturday, March 10, 2012

Colonel Henry Crown Scholarship (Due Mar 16!)

Colonel Henry Crown Scholarship ($20,000)
$20,000 scholarship - $5,000 a year for a four year period while pursuing a degree at an
accredited college or university of his or her choice.
Paid attendance at a summer internship program (3 summers at 10 weeks each) with a Henry
Crown affiliated company or an agency supported by Henry Crown and Company.

Eligibility Criteria
Must be a high school senior who has an average of “B” or better beginning in your sophomore
Must have participated in a Junior Achievement high school program

Applicants need to submit completed Henry Crown application with the following attached:
 Copy of the classroom volunteer or teacher rating scale
 Copy o of the high school rating scale
 Signed transcript
 SAT/ACT/PSAT results
 Letter of recommendation from your principal, teacher or counselor
 Student essay detailing your reasons for wanting to continue your education
 Short biography including extracurricular activities, community service, and how
involvement with Junior Achievement has affected your life.

Download the word document here!

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